### Choose Your Own CYOA #### A demonstrative adventure You sit at your computer and contemplate how you're going to write your next HTML adventure game. You wrote your last one [[using Twine->Twine]], but you've heard good things about [[Twee2]], as well.You decide to stick with what you know and use Twine. That's fine: it's a great system and it's easy to use, especially for beginners. Maybe next time you'll be ready to try Twee2! **THE END** [[Play again?->Start]]You decide to write your latest adventure using Twee2. You find that you're able to use all of the things you're familiar with from Twine, but you also get to use your favourite text editor, break up your work into multiple files, mark up content using modern languages, and preview in a separate browser while you work. **THE END** [[Play again?->Start]]